Abby Lawson Front Porch Photo Shoot
Abby Lawson Front Porch Photo Shoot

Abby Lawson Front Porch Photo Shoot

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Most of the beautiful photos taken for Supported Soul are by my incredibly talented sister-in-law, Abby Lawson.

Abby specializes in lifestyle, weddings and family photography. Her goal in each session is to make people smile, better yet, laugh, showing their beauty just as much from the inside as on the outside. Abby’s favourite images are those with cheeky grins and raucous laughter.

If you're looking to capture this moment in time with a Front Porch Photo Shoot, please donate below and we will send you Abby's contact information to book a time with her. This offer is for the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and the Tri-Cities. Tell your neighbours about your upcoming shoot and she can make a stop at each house on your street!

The front porch family shoot is open to all families, couples or individuals. It requires 5-10 minutes outside your home, keeping a social distance of more than 6ft at all times. You will receive five digital photos.
Partial proceeds will be donated to the Tri-City Food Bank.
Check out Abby Lawson's portfolio on her website.