Dino Does Yoga 1mm Travel Mat
Dino Does Yoga 1mm Travel Mat
Dino Does Yoga 1mm Travel Mat
Dino Does Yoga 1mm Travel Mat

Dino Does Yoga 1mm Travel Mat

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A kids yoga mat that accompanies the phenomenal new children's yoga book from Penguin Publishing House, Dino Does Yoga!


The Dino Does Yoga mat is a foldable, 1mm thin travel mat that will perfectly support your little one's yoga journey! 

  • child's size- 53" x 24" and 1mm thin
  • machine washable
  • no toxins or harmful chemicals 
  • soft microfiber top/ natural tree rubber base
  • water-based inks
  • eco-friendly

In Dino Does Yoga, you can Join Tyrannosaurus Rex Baby Dino as he journeys through Dragonfly Pose, Mountain Pose, Downward Dog, and more featuring a simple, fifteen-pose yoga sequence for kids who love dinosaurs. Parents can join in too, for a healthy family activity. Beautifully illustrated with line drawings and full-color digital collage inspired by the natural world, the book introduces children ages 3-7 to the fun, calming effects of yoga.  

Talented author, illustrator and yoga instructor, Sofie Engstrom von Alten has created a new classic. Through her experience teaching English and art to children in Germany, she saw a marked increase in concentration, overall happiness, and a decrease in bullying when she brought yoga practice into her classroom. She first discovered yoga as a child, watching her mother do Downward Dog.

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