Scrunchie Scrunchie Scrunchie Scrunchie Scrunchie

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The perfect accessory to spruce up your outfit (workout or everyday), available in two of my favorite prints, Cheetah + Floral!

Cheetah is a woven cotton, and the Forest Green Floral is a soft knit.

Handmade in Langley, BC by local company are two local teenage girls, Grace and Julia, who have been neighbours their whole life. They started off selling lemonade and bubbles on the corner of their street at a young age, then got into making and selling body scrubs, and now hand make each scrunchie to meet their high standards. 


The meaning behind the company name is both their names combined. Gracie is one of Grace’s nicknames and Julia's middle name is Mae. They are high school students with a passion, and hope to continue to work hard and continue on the journey of business.