Kukoon Pre/Postnatal Yoga Bundle
Kukoon Pre/Postnatal Yoga Bundle

Kukoon Pre/Postnatal Yoga Bundle

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Be empowered through motherhood as you cultivate intuition and connect to your core✨

Kukoon Yoga offers customized yoga classes for each week of your pregnancy (week 6 to 41), including birth prep tips, core connecting tricks & coping tools that actually work!⁣

After baby is born, practice restorative classes, baby & me yoga plus mommy-only classes that focus on core/pelvic floor restoration and strengthening.⁣

This bundle includes a 3 month membership from our brand ambassador Salina Buchan on KUKOONYOGA.COM and an in-stock Supported Soul yoga mat of your choice*

Once you purchase your bundle, we will put you in touch with Salina to set you up on KUKOONYOGA.COM and you can let us know which mat you choose, then start your yoga journey with Salina. ⁣

Kukoon Yoga Membership includes: ⁣

* Access to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Trimester virtual classes⁣
* Over 66 hours of customized prenatal and postnatal content⁣
* LIVE weekly prenatal yoga classes + community chat (postnatal LIVE classes to come in Fall 2021)⁣
* Access to 90 min Prenatal Partner Bumpshop for birth prep⁣
* Resources, references, up to date stats, recipes, checklists, guides + practical tools⁣
* Complimentary virtual workshops
* Community chat with members across the globe⁣

Salina (@kukoonyoga) is a wife, doula, yoga teacher, and mother of three. She’s practiced yoga for over two decades and has developed a specialized yoga program for expectant and new mothers. ⁣

*excludes Deco Alignment Pro Grip Yoga Mat



Hi! I'm Nicole. Supported Soul was created during my battle with postpartum depression. Spending time on my mat helped me reconnect with my soul. My hope is that I can motivate people to take time to focus on their physical + mental health by sharing my passion for yoga as well as offering beautiful products to support their practice.

I spent 15 years in the fashion industry- attained a Fashion Merchandise diploma, worked in a wholesale agency, and traveled globally viewing the world’s best fashion. This experience combined with numerous years of dance training + practicing yoga has cultivated my love for all things beautiful and creative.

Having earned a BSc in Nutritional Science from the University of British Columbia, I also take a science-based approach to a holistic lifestyle and my family's diet. I love learning about health + nutrition and sharing helpful information and simple recipes with my followers.

Now I am actively involved in my local fitness community and participate in all kinds of classes like: barre, Pilates, spin, vinyasa yoga, hot yoga, and Bikram.

Supported Soul's strategic plan resides in Port Moody, British Columbia, but to provide the best products and designs, I have carefully engaged a network of artists and producers from around the world. Currently I am working with consultants and designers from: USA, United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia, China, and Canada.

It’s important to me that our products are ethically sourced + sustainable. Our Supreme All-In-One yoga mats are machine washable, recyclable, biodegradable, and contain no toxins or chemicals. ⁣⁣I’m also passionate about supporting my local community. I work with talented artists to create our vibrant designs, and promote + collaborate with other local brands.

Ongoing market research and close relationships with key product designers and manufacturers has enabled Supported Soul to offer the latest products; tried, tested and analyzed before being presented to you.