Splits Workshop Bundle with Roxy
Splits Workshop Bundle with Roxy

Splits Workshop Bundle with Roxy

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Want to challenge your flexibility?⁣⁣

⁣⁣We have teamed up with @roxy_the_traveling_yogi to offer you a package that will lead you through your splits goal!

This three day workshop from our brand ambassador Roxane Marti will help you get through your splits journey. As a gymnast, circus teacher and certified yoga teacher, Roxy is sharing all the things that she wished she knew before she started learning the splits to make it easier for you to achieve your goal!⁣⁣
You’ll receive access to the training through ROXANEYOGA.COM as well as a Supported Soul yoga mat of your choice*⁣⁣
Included in the workshop:
*3 hours of recorded splits practice with Roxy (including a hip opener yin yoga class)⁣⁣.
*A week long guide to help you create your own splits routine⁣⁣.
*An invite to a Whatsapp group to connect with other yogis who are also working on their splits!⁣⁣
*Free Zoom meetings to connect with other yogis to share about your personal experience as well as live splits practices (no matter if you haven’t started or already finished your splits workshop)⁣.
* Tips and advice to keep you motivated and safe from injury.⁣⁣
@roxy_the_traveling_yogi is a certified yoga teacher who has also practiced gymnastics for 9 years and was a circus teacher for 4 years. She loves sharing her passion for yoga and helping other people to bring more balance in their life.⁣⁣

*Preorders, Round Mats and Deco Alignment Pro Grip Mat excluded⁣⁣

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