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Ready to dive deep + discover your own unique practice that will serve you on + off the mat? 

This bundle includes a pack of 5 online classes from our talented brand ambassador Mikaela Millington on MIKMILL.COM and an in-stock Supported Soul yoga mat of your choice*

Save up to $60!

With one live Zoom class per day and a collection of pre-recorded classes, it's easy to fit practice with Mik into your daily schedule. Experience and explore offerings such as Yin/Restore, Power Flow, Yin/Vin(yasa), and Expressive. Suitable for all levels!

Once you purchase your bundle, we will send your unique access code to MIKMILL.COM, you can let us know which mat you choose, then start your yoga journey with Mik. 

"Come as you are - and leave your mat feeling lighter, connected, and inspired."✨

*Preorders, Round Mats and Deco Alignment Pro Grip Mat excluded⁣⁣

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 Supreme All-In-One Yoga Mat, Cork Mat or Pro Grip?

Not every scenario is covered here, as we all have our own personal preferences! Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our products.