Inspirational Black Meditation Instructors to Breathe With

In celebration of Black History Month, I'm sharing some of my favourite black meditation instructors that I’ve had the opportunity to meditate with through the Insight Timer app. I loved learning more about each of them and hope their stories and offerings inspire you as well!



Nicholas “Quazzy” Herd is a yoga and meditation teacher, and a filmmaker from NYC. He also is the founder of Running Rover Collective (RRC)- a non-profit organization that brings wellness, joy and healing to underserved communities through meditation and mindfulness. The RRC strives to make all people feel secure in their bodies so they can be present to the life they want to live. Quazzy offers different lengths of meditations, including some that are only 2 or 3 minutes long. I love his voice, insight and approach to meditation... “Take two minutes to meditate. It goes a long way! Studies show that meditation is dope! How many can sit and breathe for only 2 minutes?”


Tawana Antoinette is a eco-entrepreneur, podcaster and meditation instructor that was born and raised in Jamaica. She shares spiritual education through a combination of her knowledge in psychology, astrology and tarot. Tawana promotes mindfulness and sovereignty by teaching meditation techniques that are practical for everyone and offers collective spiritual guidance through social media. I love Tawana’s insight and read her tweets and IG posts for a daily dose of inspiration.


Chantelle Diachina is a personal/spiritual development and mindfulness teacher from Victoria, BC. Using the gifts of yogic and Buddhist wisdom traditions, as well as lived experience, Chantelle has guided many people in overcoming life challenges, internal obstacles and everyday stress so they can restore inner peace and lead intentional lives. “It starts with connecting with Love in all its various expressions. Just by simply noticing when love is coming your way, you strengthen your own Light. So often we get caught up in our own heads and miss the Love that is constantly enveloping us; be it Divine Love, self, other human or fur baby love— notice and receive it with gratitude. It’s hard to spread Love if we can’t receive it.”



Andrea Pennington MD is an integrative physician, acupuncturist, bestselling author and TEDx speaker from Cannes, France. Dr Andrea helps people build resilience, reclaim vitality, and thrive despite the inevitable trauma and drama life brings. She created an Attunement Meditation Process which gives you power to experience faster healing and recovery by managing the stress response and boosting your immune system. Be sure to check out all of her incredible offerings on her website here.

Erica Watts is a meditation teacher, author, and Certified Reiki practitioner from North Carolina. She aims to help hold space for women to heal and tap into their own power of self-love and confidence. As a single mother of two boys, Erica knows how life can be altered by anxiety, stress and life situations that can throw everyday life off balance. “Affirmations for the Chic' Soul”, is her book of self-care based on Manifestations and Mindfulness, and is absolutely worth checking out!


Barbara Faison is a meditation ambassador, creative thinker, author, and award winning voice talent from Georgia. She believes taking a few minutes consistently during the day allows you to struggle less and enjoy life more. Barabara uses her voice to heal, educate and inspire and believes in being open to learning and growing at all times and in all situations. Her insightful book, “Why Struggle? Life Is Too Short To Wear Tight Shoes.” encourages you to nourish your spirit, to accept the unpredictability of life, and reminds us that life is a celebration. Check out her IG page for some great videos where you can #BreatheWithBarbara 

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  • Barbara Faison

    Thank you so much for breathing with me. I am honored to be a selected meditation guide who inspires you. keep breathing!

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