Brand Ambassadors

We are truly blessed to have some of the most talented, kind + influential yoga instructors in the world as part of our Supported Soul team. 


Danni Pomplun

Yoga is a metaphor for life. That said, I think yoga should be fun. I’m not saying it won’t be challenging or encourage you to test and expand your limits, but yoga is about your own personal journey, and I don’t know about you, but I want my journey to be a freaking fun one. I am a 500-hr Registered Yoga Instructor, and a member of the teacher training faculty at Yoga Tree. I’m also a real person, and I recognize that I’m teaching real people.

We all have our own stories. Mine has some twists and turns through a tough childhood and young adult years blurred by frustration, drugs, alcohol, and a near-death brush with cancer, and I credit yoga with helping me to become healthy and opening my eyes to a world of positive opportunities. I’m truly grateful to now be able to share what I’ve learned with others, whether it’s on the mat in my home base of San Francisco, in another location for an immersion or workshop, or through my online yoga platform.

Each class with me has a beat, a vibration, and a pulse. I hand-select each of the songs for my classes, as music can help us deepen our yoga experience. Find your rhythm and connect to your truth.

My students resonate with my functional, down-to-earth approach and my ability to combine the mentally restorative aspects of yoga with the functional physical work that it entails. I am grateful to work alongside my teachers and mentors Jason Crandell & Darren Main, who have helped influence my teaching style.

I know firsthand how strengthening the mind and body together can enhance one’s efforts in other physical endeavors, because I also love rock climbing, snowboarding, cycling, surfing, skateboarding, running, and swimming. Yoga creates balance and space in my life to pursue my other passions for music, volunteering with at-risk and underserved youth, and cultivating relationships to build community.

I look forward to sharing my passion for yoga with you and helping you find its place in your story.




Marcus Tong

Marcus Tong’s yoga journey began out of pure curiosity when he stepped into his first yoga class in 2007 and he has not looked back ever since. There was an instant connection that he made with himself the second his feet touched the mat for the very first time. Prior to this class, Marcus had been searching in the external world for answers, but yoga had shown him to look internally. He found that when you are able to silence the distractions surrounding you and focus in on your self then you can truly experience your natural state of truth.

Marcus truly believes that yoga is a gateway to living a more peaceful life. He believes the value of practicing yoga is seen when you can fully embrace vulnerability and open your mind to the possibility of transformation, even when it may get challenging and uncomfortable. In his classes you can expect an alignment-based practice that is dynamic and empowering. Marcus provides a safe and welcoming space to explore deeper into your inner-self in order to unlock your limitless potential.


Social media: @marcustongyoga




Yeva Glover

Yeva Glover brings her diverse background into her offerings as a yoga teacher: being raised in the wilderness, dancing professionally in NYC, intensive studies into many modalities of yoga, and, now, being a mother of two. Yeva has taught yoga for 8 years, teaching adults, teens, & children, in studios & schools, as well as leading local and international yoga workshops and retreats. Trained in NYC and Vancouver, Yeva is a RYT-500 certified Vinyasa, Yin, Pre-natal and Kids’ yoga instructor.



Risto Duggan

Risto has been teaching yoga since 2007.

A former multi-sport athlete, actor, and dancer. He started his yoga journey on his 40th birthday, and has never looked back.

The years of competitive sports had taken quite a toll on his body, but his yoga practice has kept him very active.

He credits his training to Eoin Finn, Dustin Fruson, Ryan Leier, Geoff Mackenzie, Slava Goloubov, Natalie Rousseau, Christine Price-Clarke, and Jolene Bayda.

Risto teaches Rocket Yoga, Power, and Yin. His brand RAD Yoga Gear produces specialized shorts for arm balancing and handcrafted yoga bags.

He also hosts local and international RAD Yoga Surf Retreats.

His Rocket classes are quite an experience! Funky music, challenging, extremely supportive, and fun.

Instagram: ristoduggan

Facebook: Risto Duggan

Twitter: @ristodugganyoga



Anna Oldfield

As a yoga teacher and a nature lover, my hope is to help guide you through breath to a deeper inner awareness.

Anna has been practicing yoga for over two decades and has been teaching since 2009. During that time she has taught public classes at Yyoga, facilitated workshops, hosted local/international retreats and been a Lululemon Ambassador.

Most recently Anna completed her 300hr Vinyasa training with Clara Roberts-Oss. Throughout the years she has trained and practiced with a wide range of local and international teachers. As a student Anna has deep gratitude for all of her teachers including Patrick Creelman, Ana Forest, Kristin Campbell, Baron Baptiste to name a few.

She currently teaches flow/vinyasa public yoga classes at Yyoga, Yoga Generation, Move Studio and Loam Yoga. Anna is also trained to teach Hot, Restorative, Power and Hatha Yoga.

When not teaching, she can be found working as a graphic designer, traveling with her husband and 2 step kids and hiking the local mountains.


Liv Hilde

After her heart spoke to her in a dream 10 years ago demanding that she move from its wisdom, Liv Hilde began her journey into yoga. Today, she teaches a playful, powerful class with ever-changing choreography and challenge. Using her heart-centered perspective and encouraging nature, Hilde inspires her students to move from a place of loving empowerment. In each class, she demonstrates that to move and breathe deeply is truly an act of loving; to align is to courageously stand in the light and transmute it's brilliance. Before she found yoga, Liv Hilde was living in the stratosphere of her upper chakras, however, her heart yearned for deep roots and unity. When she first stepped foot on the mat, she knew she had found her peace - there was nothing more powerful, potent, and pure than experiencing all parts of the body by moving the breath of awareness through every cell and layer. She had found the home and grounding her heart desired - it was just a matter of trusting her instinct.

Liv Hilde truly believes in every single movement and every single breath is a chance to create more exquisite space and live more fully. Through drawing inwards we can tap into our highest source, shine more brightly, and inspire others to rise. For Hilde, yoga practice is an evolution and she encourages her students to step into their light while enjoying the beauty along the way. Inspirations: Authenticity, wisdom, laughter, love, passion, creation, rainy mornings, starry skies, Chilean literature, social action, intelligent speculation, philosophy, farmer's markets and biodiversity, intuition and destined coalescences, the duplicity of light and the abundance of space and time, dance, music, flight, bioluminescent beings and creatures that can thrive anywhere, calmness in the face of tumult, kindness, compassion for all beings, my beautiful daughter Emma Rose, my love Shamus, my mom.


Emily Kane

@EmilyKaneYoga is a yogi (E-RYT 500 & BKin), adventure seeker, and nature lover who calls Whistler, B.C. home. Outside of teaching, she is passionate about snowboarding, hiking, plant-based cooking, reading, writing, and more. She is also a conscious entrepreneur who founded @YogacaraWhistler and @JuiceNationOrganicCafe. Emily is blessed to share her adventures with the people she cares about and feels honored to have many inspiring souls in her life. Learn more about Emily at


Kelly Kristy

Yoga, for me, is all about having fun and focusing on self. I first started a dedicated yoga practice in 2012 when I needed a change from the weight room. Years of lifting heavy weights and lengthy cardio sessions had my body seeking a different type of workout. I loved the athleticism and playfulness of yoga. Vinyasa Yoga hooked me and has my heart!

I'm an ERYT-500, an experienced registered yoga teacher with 500+ hours of training and 3000+ hours of hands-on experience.

I recently moved to Mission, BC and opened up my very own boutique studio, FLOW Yoga and Fitness. "Mindful Fitness designed to create happier, healthier and stronger humans."

Aside from the yoga, I have a degree in Kinesiology and played collegiate golf which gave me a strong understanding of the human body and mental focus.




Salina Buchan

Hello, I’m Salina.

I am a wife, mother, doula, yoga teacher and lover of all things sweet!

I am passionate about making connections…uniting the mind, the body and the breath. Yoga stole my heart and we are now beyond ‘the point of no return’. Yoga is therapy, it is gratitude, love, family, and connection.

I’ve been practicing yoga for over a decade and, after the birth of my daughter, decided to pursue my passion for teaching it. I received my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training certification in September 2012 and completed my 80 hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training while pregnant with my son in 2013. Most recently, I received my Rainbow Kids Yoga Training certificate in hopes of bringing yoga to the kiddos in my life in a fun and interactive way.

I greatly enjoy getting to know my students and look forward to meeting you one day soon.



Diana Battung


Katie Johnita

Katie is a talented yogi living in Costa Rica that empowers women to live their best lives by sharing the stories of women who already are.

Each week on her Namaste Podcast she interviews women who inspire her- women living their best lives + manifesting the shit out of life. We can learn from these women, become wiser through their stories, and share this wisdom with each other.

Katie is going to help us share these stories of wanderlust, self-care, obstacles, defeats, fears, love, wildness, motherhood and manifesting your heart's deepest desires. Time to get inspired and live our best lives! 




Nathalie Saunderson

Nathalie Saunderson's extensive background teaching yoga has combined to offer once in a lifetime 10 Day Yoga Retreats around the world. She created Rising Sages to take people on an experience of themselves through travel and yoga that deeply nourishes and restores. She believes and abides by the power of meditation and practice, and teaches students to reconnect and own their bodies and experiences. These Retreats hold space to travel deep within, immersed in surrounding beauty and return to creating life through fresh eyes, deeply inspired.