About Us

Supported Soul is our brainchild, fashion lovers, art adorers, whole food fanatics, endurance athletes and yoga enthusiasts, Nicole and Sam Lawson.

Utilizing experience and knowledge, our pursuit is to combine all of our passions and create incredible products that we can share with you.

Nicole Lawson has been committed to the fashion industry for over 15 years. She attained a Fashion Merchandise diploma, worked in a wholesale agency, and travelled globally viewing the world’s best fashion. This experience combined with numerous years of dance training and practicing yoga has cultivated her love for all things beautiful and creative.

Having earned a BSc in Nutritional Science from the University of British Columbia, she also takes a science based approach to a holistic lifestyle and her family's diet.

Nicole now has an active involvement in Vancouver’s fitness community. She can be found participating in all kinds of classes like: barre, Pilates, spin, vinyasa yoga, hot yoga, and Bikram.

Equipped with her knowledge from the fashion industry and keen eye for design, Nicole has created Supported Soul, a brand where fitness, whole living and art come together in celebration of happiness and joy.

Sam Lawson brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to Supported Soul. He has over 10 years of success working with businesses in a consultancy fashion, sourcing talent, improving team performance and sales processes.

Coupled with his passion for business is a Bachelor of Design, where he studied Design, Communications and Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Sam comes from an endurance athletic background where he earned multiple Canadian National Medals in Swimming and is now a cycling and yoga devotee.


At supported Soul, we tirelessly research the latest trends and materials to produce designer products which enhance and support your fitness journey.

We create products that draw inspiration from things we appreciate in life: fashion, wellness, exercise, cuisine, nutrition, music and modern art.

We at Supported Soul have embraced globalization. Our strategic plan resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, but to provide the best products and designs, we have carefully engaged a network of artists and producers from around the world. We are currently working with consultants and designers from: USA, United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia, China, and Canada.

Ongoing market research and close relationships with key product designers and manufacturers has enabled Supported Soul to offer the latest products; tried, tested and analyzed before being presented to you.

Supported Soul’s current core products: Supreme All-In-One Yoga Mat, Pro Grip Yoga Mat, Essential Tote, Super Absorbent Hand Towel, and Supported Soul Sweat Sack.

We plan on expanding our merchandise selection so check back often to find new designs + products that support your soul!