Product Info and Care

Supreme All-In-One Yoga Mat, Cork Mat or Pro Grip?

This is a very simple chart to help you decide which is the best Supported Soul yoga mat for you. Cork mats are similar to Supreme All-In-One mats as they also require moisture to create traction.

Not every scenario is covered here, as we all have our own personal preferences! Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our products.

*please note that only Supreme All-In-One yoga mats are machine washable* 

The concept for Supported Soul came to Nicole during a Yin yoga class. She was holding a pose with her feet up the wall and realized that while her yoga mat was supporting her physically, yoga has also supported her mentally throughout the toughest times in life.

The intention for Supported Soul is to source and deliver products that support and enhance your yoga practice.


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Keep it looking (and performing) as gorgeous as ever with these tips:

  • To best preserve your mat and keep it in pristine condition- hand washing is the best option. Spritzing with your favourite mat cleaner and wiping it down with a cloth works brilliantly.
  • Depending on how intensely sweaty your practice, occasionally you may want to pop your mat in the washing machine (front loading machine with no agitatorgentle cycle, cold water, mild detergent, no bleach) and hang to dry (no dryer). Treat your Supreme All-In-One Yoga mat like your favorite pair of jeans. Wash in the machine only when necessary
  • Because we use non-toxic, water-based inks, after the first machine washing you may want to wipe down your mat with an old towel to absorb any excess surface pigment that may have come loose. This doesn't always happen, but with our darker designs it is more common- similar to the first machine wash of raw denim. 
  • After machine washing, you can speed up drying time by wrapping your mat in a towel and pressing out excess water (do not wring). To avoid the rubber base stretching, do not leave your mat hanging for extended periods of time- if this happens, roll your mat up in the reverse direction of the bend and it will resolve to it's original shape.
  • Avoid direct sunlight for extended periods of time in order to keep your design vibrant.
  • If you have dry hands and feet, lightly spray or sprinkle your mat with water to increase grip until you really start to sweat.

**We at Supported Soul are not responsible for any injuries incurred while using our yoga mats or accessories. Support your soul and enjoy with caution!**