Product Info and Care

Supreme All-In-One Yoga Mat, Cork Mat or Pro Grip?


This is a very simple chart to help you decide which is the best Supported Soul yoga mat for you. Cork mats are similar to Supreme All-In-One mats as they also require moisture to create traction.

Not every scenario is covered here, as we all have our own personal preferences! Contact us if you have any questions regarding our products.

Please note: only Supreme All-In-One yoga mats are machine washable.  


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Treat this mat like your favourite pair of jeans and machine wash only when a deep clean is necessary. Use a front-loading washer with no agitator, on the gentle cycle, with cold water, natural detergent and no bleach. You can wrap your mat in a towel to remove excess water. Do not wring. Hang to dry before rolling fabric side out, never put your mat in the dryer! Hand washing or wiping down with a mat spray (like our calming Lavender and Tea Tree) after most practices will help keep your mat in great condition.

The All-In-One mat is made with eco-friendly materials, and depending on how you treat your mat and how much it is used, it is normal to experience some wear and tear anywhere from 6 months 3 years after purchase. Regularly machine washing, repeated exposure to sun, and using anything but a mild, natural yoga mat cleaner will speed up the degradation process.





The PU and rubber give off a slight natural odour when your new mat is first opened. Lay it flat and allow the smell to dissipate over 24 hours. Clean with a damp cloth or a yoga mat spray suitable for PU like our calming Lavender and Tea Tree. Allow to dry before rolling up your mat shiny side out. Store in shade and avoid long sun exposure. Using body oils/lotions before practicing will affect the grip. Not machine washable.






Cork contains natural compounds called Phenolics which kill bacteria and fungus. This keeps your mat clean and free from unpleasant odours. You can gently wipe your mat with a soft, damp cloth and if needed, use a mild organic cleaning solution. Not machine washable. 

Cork naturally repels moisture and dries quickly, hanging or laying your mat flat to dry after a sweaty practice session or cleaning will help it last longer. Always roll your mat cork side out, store in shade and avoid long sun exposure.


We at Supported Soul are not responsible for any injuries incurred while using our yoga mats or accessories.

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